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They said painting on ceramic bowl

Nelly Aman Gallery - Műnz plays
with color and form in post Kleistic images. Emphasize is on "playful", as they are full of imagination and a naughty spirit, without the clichés that have attached themselves to this sort of "childish" style of painting.                               Rafi Lavie, Ha'ir

משחקי צבע וצורה בדימויים פוסט קלייסטיים, מציג מינץ בגלריה נלי אמן. הדגש הוא על "משחקים", משום שהם מלאים בדמיון וברוח שובבה, ללא הקלישאות שהסתפחו לסוג הציור ה"כמו ילדותי" הזה.
          רפי לביא, העיר


Yoel Emmet on Mythology Now, May 2016

Shir Meller Yamaguchi on Mythology Now, May 2016

הל בויד על רפי מינץ אוקטובר, Hal Boyd on Rafi, October 2013

Curator Susanna Gyulamiryan
on the residency
in Armenia, September 2011

דברי דורון בר אדון על רפי מינץ, Doron Bar-Adon on Rafi, May 2011

דברי שרית ברקוביץ' מנדלסון על רפי מינץ, יוני 2011

ראיון ב"תרבות היום" בערוץ הראשון – 26.6.2011 – הדקה 14:40

גיורא אוריין Giyora Oryan, Time out 21.4.2005


Rafi Műnz has been painting for many years but unfortunately has exhibited only infrequently. A cross-section of canvases and a handful of comic ceramic animals, indicate a strong non-conformist attitude that has allowed Műnz to free himself of local painterly conventions and restrictive trends and provide a framework to create approachable, optimistic pictures in several styles. To describe Jaffa in the summer sun he shuffles translucent ochre and blue rectangles with flashes of Cadmium red into tightly organized abstract compositions. These works are the antithesis of his stream-of-consciousness ideograms.
It is the non-laborious and unpretentious character of
Műnz's informal images (bird, letter form, animal, penis) that brings a smile to the viewer's face. One appreciates the humorous overtones and the spontaneity of the art form, while recognizing Műnz's fertile imagination. Just look at the clumsy circus acrobat, spotlighted atop a prancing stallion, which sports a cunning set of white whiskers.
(Nelly Aman Gallery, 26 Gordon St. Tel Aviv) Till Dec. 8.

          Gil Goldfein, Jerusalem Post




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