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Curator susanna gyulamiryan on Rafi Műnz

During his 1 month residency on September, 2011 at the “Art Commune”, (Yerevan, Armenia) Rafi Munz has been realizing the special workshops and representation of production of the workshops with students of the High school of Arts (Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex). Using his knowledge in face diagnosis he offers participants in the workshop a short “characteristic summary” which could help decide whether one wants to go with their character or against it; take oneself seriously or ironically, etc. Every student had the choice of their most fitting personal “mask” and draw a sketch (involves an introduction to 3 dimensional drawing) translate it to a small size draft in clay, which soon will be enlarged to the decided on, actual size sculpture. During the process the working group went, personally and collectively, into familiarizing themselves with each other’s image and prepare a little “show” (demonstration, performance) which makes all summit in a final feast combining all media and expressions that have to be given birth to during the process. The working group has focused on the fragmented, fluid and unstable characters of human. This can be observed in real life since there are people who cannot get used to openness and endless diversity of offered roles.  The person is compelled to cling to or choose a subcultural and even pathological role.
The workshops have been realized in ceramic classrooms and adhering plot in the garden surrounded of the territory of residency.

The workshops are sponsored and supported by Art and Cultural Studies laboratory – ACSL and  Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational Complex/ High School of Arts.

The American Idol, 180cm high
My own work at the
Yerevan residency, Armenia



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